by Tom Shoval


Drama, 90 minutes, in development

Writer / Director: Tom Shoval
Producers: One Two Films, GREENproductions
Executive Producer: Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu

Funding: Israel Film Fund Development / 24/7 Artist in Residency, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg


Alma leads a double life, as the daughter of the richest family in Israel, and as “Dafna” – a modest, idealistic woman who volunteers in a soup kitchen in Southern Tel Aviv. This meeting of extremes, of wealth and poverty, leads Alma to donate her money to every needy person she meets, and to use her wealth to actively try to solve all of Israeli society’s ills. This quixotic decision will challenge the world order and bring about Alma’s rebirth.

DIRECTOR: Tom Shoval

Tom was born 1981 in Israel. He graduated from the Sam Spiegel School for Cinema and Television in 2007. His short films The Hungry Heart, Shred of Hope and I Will Drink My Tearsplayed at film festivals around the world, winning numerous prizes. His first feature film Youth gained worldwide success both critically and with the audience. It was nominated four times at the Israeli Ophir Awards (Israeli Academy Awards) including the best director section and won the Jerusalem Film Festival. In 2014, Tom received the prestigious Rolex Mentorship Initiative, for which he was personally chosen by the acclaimed director Alejandro González Iñárritu. Tom also created a TV series in Israel and co-wrote the short film Aya, which was nominated for the live action short OSCAR® 2015.


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