by Anders Morgenthaler


Drama, 97 minutes, 2014

Writer / Director: Anders Morgenthaler
Producers: ZentropaOne Two Films
Kim Basinger, Jordan Prentice, Peter Stormare, Sebastian Schipper, Sophie Rois

Funding: Danish Film InstituteFilmfund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, DFFF, Film i Väst
Sales Agent: TrustNordisk


Maria, 52, seems to have everything: power, wealth, beauty, love. Despite her many successes, her life is dominated by an all-consuming desire to have a child – the essential piece of the puzzle that life has denied her. Confronted with the onset of infertility and the difficulties of adoption, Maria grows increasingly frustrated and finally abandons home, reason and moral values in her struggle for happiness.


DIRECTOR: Anders Morgenthaler

Anders, born 1972, graduates from the Danish Film School in 2003 with his short Araki, which was shown in Cannes and Berlin and later won many prestigious awards. His first feature film Princess opened the 2006 Qinzaine des Réalisateurs before winning many int. awards worldwide. He continues with feature films such as Ekko (2007) and The Apple and the Worm(2009), as well as his well-known comic strip “Wulffmorgenthaler”, which is distributed in the biggest Danish newspapers and has been adapted for MTV. He founded the companies Copenhagen Bombay in 2006 and Morgenthaler Office in 2011.


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