by Birgit Möller


Comedy, 100 minutes, in development

Director: Birgit Möller
Writers: Knut Mierswe, Birgit Möller
Producer: One Two Films, Aamu Film Company
Cast: Jella Haase, Kristin Suckow, Oona Airola, Sophie Rois
Broadcaster: ZDF
Funding: nordmedia, Finnish Film Foundation
Support: First Movie Program, Les Arcs Coproduction Village


For Franky, life isn’t easy. To people around her, she seems unpredictable and erratic. But actually, she suffers from multiple personality disorder. Within, she lives with four other characters named Leni, Frank, Ella and Frau Franke in a old-fashioned hotel in the middle of nowhere. In real life, all five inhabit Franky’s body at different times. When Franky finally begins to make the first move on her crush Roman, Hasi enters Franky’s life, who is actually the new boyfriend of her BFF and flatmate Katja. Franky’s world turns upside down, not only because all personalities put their oar in Franky’s love life…

DIRECTOR: Birgit Möller

Birgit Möller was born 1972 in Osnabrück. After working as a clapper loader and 1st AC, she studied camera and later film directing at the German Film and Television Academy dffb Berlin. She photographed many short and feature films including Die Boxerin (About a Girl), Tangerine and The Sleeping Girl. Since 2004 she directs commercials for TV and cinema. In 2006 she graduated from dffb with the full-length feature film Valerie, which won awards at numerous festivals around the world and had its German cinematic release in 2007. 2011 she participated in the Binger Directors Lab in Amsterdam.


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