in development


Romantic Comedy, 90 minutes, in development

Writer: Henry Whitfield 
Producer: One Two Films



Charming journalist Dominic is a notorious trickster and ladies man. When his boss obliges him to personally experience “Second Life” online therapy, where his avatar alter ego receives treatment from an avatar therapist, he enjoys his treatment without taking it too seriously. For once, he starts to relate to a woman without the need for any tricks. Unwittingly, Dominic meets Grace in real life, the person behind his avatar therapist and begins his well-rehearsed seduction routines on her. After their first night, Grace realizes that Dominic is her patient and is immediately troubled by her own moral and clinical ethics. She still decides to stay with him – in order to treat him with some “Double Therapy”. Dominic increasingly feels that Grace has something about her that he’s never found in other women.

WRITER: Henry Whitfield

Henry was born in Pontefract, West Yorks, UK in 1975. After graduating in Italian and French Language and Literature at UCL, London, he went on to do a further degree in Psychotherapy. He published in the academic press on innovations in psychotherapeutic technique. His involvement in film began as a script consultant specializing in psychological input and theme development. A notable contribution was on Sick by Mike Rymer (2007), a compelling drama that won the Gold Award at the Houston Film Festival, Golden Knight at Malta Film Festival & Best Short Film in AsterFest (2008). Having studied Screenwriting at London Script Consultancy, Henry now offers Double Therapy.


The unknown double relationship in a romantic comedy setting has proven to be a great commercial success on numerous occasions since The Shop Around the Corner (1940) by Ernst Lubitsch. Double Therapy tells the story of love across a double relationship in a new imaginative way, bringing in the modern element of avatars, making the double relationship yet more visual. Furthermore, the element of therapy-client relations has also proven to be deeply interesting to audiences in In Treatment (2008). Reading the script will illustrate how these elements can elegantly intertwine.


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